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The Masterclass series, celebrated for over seventeen years, continues to impress with its outstanding price/performance ratio. The MPA-4 mono power amplifiers provide exceptional headroom, effortlessly handling complex music and revealing low-level details with clarity and precision.

Key Features:

  • Balanced Circuit Design: Ensures superior sound quality and can serve as the powerhouse of a fully balanced hi-fi system.
  • High Headroom: Manages heavy, complex music effortlessly, maintaining clear and accurate low-level detail.

Experience the enduring excellence of the Masterclass MPA-4 Mono Power Amplifiers, the cornerstone of a superior high-fidelity audio setup.

Sugden MPA-4 Balanced Mono Power Amplifier

PriceFrom R309 800,00


  • Input Sensitivity: 1 Volt for full output
  • Power Output: 165 Watts into 8 Ohms both channels working
  • Frequency Response: +/-0dB 15Hz-30kHz
  • Bandwidth: -3dB points 2Hz-200kHz
  • Signal to Noise: >85dB
  • Gross Weight (packed): 25kgs x 2
  • Dimensions: 250 x 430 x 360mm (hwd)
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