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The Doors: Strange Days - A Sonic Revelation


This description dives deep into the sonic journey you'll experience with The Doors' iconic album, Strange Days, remastered on high-quality 45 RPM vinyl by Analogue Productions.




  • Mastered for Audiophile Perfection: Mastered by the legendary Doug Sax using an all-tube system, overseen by Bruce Botnick, The Doors' original producer/engineer, this reissue delivers unparalleled sonic fidelity.
  • Expanded Dynamics: Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings, this double 45 RPM release boasts wider grooves for superior tracking, revealing previously unheard details and nuances.
  • Authentic to the Original: Staying true to the band's vision, the entire mastering process utilized tube equipment, replicating the sound of the original recordings.
  • Glowing Reviews: Critics have hailed this reissue for its "incredible dynamics," "beautiful detail," and ability to capture the full power of The Doors' music.


Beyond the Sound:

  • Technical Insights: Bruce Botnick, The Doors' producer/engineer, offers fascinating insights into the recording process and the choices made to capture the band's essence.
  • Genre-Bending Legacy: The description delves into the psychedelic and genre-blending sound of The Doors, highlighting the album's influence on the counterculture movement.


This is more than just a reissue; it's a chance to experience The Doors' Strange Days in a whole new light. Prepare to be captivated by the music's raw energy and intricate details, all presented with stunning clarity.

The Doors - Strange Days (180g 2LP 45RPM)

R1 400,00Price
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