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Restore Your Vinyl, CDs & DVDs to Pristine Glory: The Milty Permaclean Kit


Breathe new life into your cherished collection with the Milty Permaclean Kit.


This remarkable cleaning system tackles a range of contaminants, transforming your dusty, fingerprinted records, CDs, and DVDs back to their virtually mint condition.


Here's how the Permaclean Kit elevates your audio-visual experience:

  • Universal Cleaning Power: Combat a multitude of enemies of sonic and visual clarity. From dust and grit to greasy fingerprints, Permaclean safely and rapidly removes all unwanted grime that can cause background noise and visual imperfections.
  • Remarkable Restoration: Witness the transformation firsthand. After a Permaclean treatment, your records, CDs, and DVDs will be restored to near perfection, delivering the pure sound and visuals they were meant to offer.
  • Double-Sided Advantage: The included unique Duopad maximizes cleaning efficiency. Utilize one side for thorough cleaning, and the other for a flawless finish.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: The Permaclean Kit is designed for extended use. Treat approximately 40 records and enjoy a significant improvement in your audio-visual library.


Invest in Lasting Clarity: Order Your Milty Permaclean Kit Today Experience the difference. The Milty Permaclean Kit is an essential addition for any audiophile or videophile. Restore your collection to its former glory, rediscover the joy of pristine sound and visuals, and order your Permaclean Kit today!

Milty Permaclean Kit



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