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Elevate Your Listening Experience with the Nagra Classic Preamp

Experience the pinnacle of audio control and musicality with the Nagra Classic Preamp, a meticulously crafted masterpiece designed to elevate your listening experience.


Unwavering Performance:


Evolutionary Design: Built upon the legacy of the acclaimed Nagra Jazz preamplifier, the Classic Preamp blends cutting-edge technology with timeless design, incorporating advancements inspired by the Nagra HD DAC. With an extended chassis and bespoke polypropylene capacitors, it achieves exceptional noise reduction and unmatched sonic purity, ensuring a transparent and captivating listening experience.


Uncompromising Fidelity: Immerse yourself in captivating realism with an exceptional frequency response of +0/-0.5 dB (10 Hz - 50 kHz) and a linear phase response. Custom-made components ensure every detail of your music is reproduced with breathtaking accuracy, from subtle nuances to dynamic peaks.


Spacious Soundstage: Enjoy an immersive audio experience with separate ultra-low-noise power supplies for each channel, creating a wider and more realistic soundstage. With a signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 125 dB (high gain mode), feel as if you're in the recording studio or concert hall, enveloped by the music.


Unparalleled Connectivity and Control:


Versatile Connections: Effortlessly connect your entire audio system with four sets of RCA inputs, one set of XLR inputs, two sets of XLR outputs, and one set of RCA outputs. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of high-end audio equipment.


True Home Theater Bypass: Maintain a clean setup with the dedicated XLR bypass connector, seamlessly removing the preamp from the signal path for optimal audio fidelity during two-channel listening.


Optional Input/Output Transformers: Enhance audio performance with hand-wound input and output transformers, creating a fully balanced, floating signal path that minimizes noise and distortion.


Intuitive Control and Timeless Aesthetics:

User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy effortless control with the familiar Nagra LCD screen and convenient remote control, allowing easy access to settings and input naming from your listening position.


Classic Nagra Modulometer: The traditional Nagra Modulometer offers clear and precise output level indication, adding a touch of vintage charm while ensuring optimal listening levels.


Cohesive System Integration: Stack the Classic Preamp neatly with other Nagra Classic components, sharing the same dimensions for a visually stunning audio environment that's both sonically exceptional and aesthetically pleasing.

Nagra Classic Preamp

R473 300,00Price
  • Frequency Response:
    +0/-0.5 dB (10 Hz - 50 kHz)

  • Input Impedance:
    50 kΩ

  • Output Impedance:
    High mode: 24Ω / Low mode: 6Ω

  • Vacuum Tubes (selected by Nagra Laboratory):
    2x 12AX7 / ECC83, 1x 12AT7 / ECC81

  • Power Consumption:
    12 V 1040 mA < 10 mW in standby

  • Optional Input/Output Transformers:
    Upgrade for fully balanced, floating signal path

  • Dimensions:
    483 mm x 130 mm x 380 mm (W x H x D)

  • Weight:
    18 kg

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