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Unveiling the Nagra HD AMP:


Commanding Power for Discerning Listeners:

The Nagra HD AMP redefines high-fidelity sound with unparalleled power, transparency, and control, designed to effortlessly drive even the most demanding speakers.


Unleash Unbridled Power:

Experience dynamic range and headroom with 250 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms, extending up to 1000 watts RMS into 4 ohms, ensuring it handles power-hungry speakers with ease.


Legacy of Transparency:

Continuing Nagra's tradition of exceptional transparency, the HD AMP delivers an uncolored and pristine sonic presentation, revealing subtle details and nuances for true emotional depth and complexity.


Unwavering Engineering Excellence:

Born from Innovation: Catering to larger listening spaces, the HD AMP brings Nagra's transparency to powerful amplifiers, inspired by the acclaimed Nagra VPA amplifier.


Towering Performance: Utilizing tower-shaped monoblock chassis for optimal heat dissipation ensures peak performance even during extended listening sessions.


A Stable Foundation for Power: The HD AMP's robust power supply, featuring a massive toroidal transformer and dual PI filter, delivers unwavering stability and clean power delivery under demanding playback conditions.


Unveiling the Essence of the Recording:

Effortless Musicality: Meticulously tuned audio circuitry provides a direct, fast, and musical character, allowing you to experience the emotional core and rhythmic drive of your music collection with clarity and realism.


Preserving the Purity of the Signal: Meticulously matched clusters of high-fidelity MOSFET transistors ensure the purest signal reproduction, free from coloration or distortion, allowing the music to shine through in its natural glory.


Intuitive Control at Your Fingertips:

Featuring the classic Nagra Modulometer for clear output power indication and LED indicators for optimal control over your listening experience.


Technical Mastery, Uncompromised Performance:

The Nagra HD AMP sets a new standard for power, transparency, and control, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience for discerning audiophiles.

Nagra HD AMP

R2 232 300,00Price
  • Power Output:
    250 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms (up to 1000 watts RMS into 4 ohms)
  • Frequency Response:
    10 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.5 dB)

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
    > 120 dB

  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):
    < 0.01% (1 kHz)

  • Input Impedance:
    50 kΩ (RCA), 100 kΩ (XLR)

  • Speaker Outputs:
    Gold-plated binding posts (suitable for bi-wiring)

  • Weight:
    88 lbs (40 kg) per monoblock

  • Dimensions:
    22.8" (580 mm) H x 10.6" (270 mm) W x 22.8" (580 mm) D

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