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Introducing the Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable:

A Legacy of Sonic Excellence

Celebrate 70 years of audio innovation with the limited-edition Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable, a timeless masterpiece crafted to redefine the vinyl playback experience.


A Testament to Unwavering Fidelity:

Passion Meets Science: Representing the pinnacle of Nagra's analog excellence, this turntable is the result of four years of meticulous research and development, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience that stays true to the music.


A Legacy in Every Rotation: Inspired by Nagra's legendary reel-to-reel recorders, this turntable is a treasured heirloom built to last, representing an investment in sonic history to be cherished for generations.


Exquisite Engineering Marvels:

Dual-Motor Mastery: Experience unparalleled speed stability with the innovative dual high-precision Swiss DC motor drive system, meticulously decoupled to minimize noise and vibration for pristine playback.


A Material Revolution: Featuring the world's first use of EXIUM® AM, a space-age alloy renowned for its exceptional damping properties, ensuring unmatched sonic clarity by minimizing unwanted resonances.


Watchmaker Precision Throughout: Inspired by Swiss timepieces, the turntable features a transparent methacrylate platter surface, reflecting Nagra's dedication to both form and function, creating a visually stunning centerpiece.


Uncompromising Sonic Purity:

Innovation in Every Detail: The meticulously designed tonearm provides an ultra-rigid, low-resonance platform for the cartridge, ensuring precise tracking and faithful reproduction of vinyl recordings' intricate details.


Unveiling the Essence of Every Recording: With a sophisticated magnetic anti-skating mechanism, precise stylus alignment in the record groove extracts every nuance of your treasured LPs for a truly immersive listening experience.


The Essence of Analog Excellence:

A Legacy in Every Aspect: Each of the 70 limited-edition units includes expert in-home setup, a VIP factory tour, and exclusive accessories, solidifying your place within the Nagra family and ensuring a truly unique ownership experience.


Embrace the pinnacle of vinyl playback with the Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable, a limited-edition masterpiece awaiting the most discerning audiophiles.

Nagra Reference Anniversary Turntable

R4 612 500,00Price


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