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Introducing the Nagra Reference MC Cartridge:

Unveiling Analogue Grandeur

Rediscover the magic of vinyl with unparalleled fidelity through the Nagra Reference MC cartridge, a testament to the enduring power of analog audio.


Unveiling the Hidden Depths of Your Records:

Multi-Layered Innovation: The Reference MC transcends conventional design with a groundbreaking multi-layer transducer and double layer coil body, meticulously wound with pure silver for exceptional conductivity and flawless signal transmission.


Exquisite Detail Retrieval: Crafted with precision in Switzerland, the Fritz Gyger S profile stylus tip delivers unparalleled detail retrieval, faithfully reproducing every nuance of your music with remarkable accuracy.


Unwavering Commitment to Clarity:

A Marriage of Materials Science and Engineering: The cartridge boasts a revolutionary design, uniting a rigid ruby cantilever with a high-strength titanium structure featuring a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, ensuring exceptional rigidity and suppressing internal vibrations.

The Power of EXIUM® AM: Crafted from EXIUM® AM, a unique non-ferrous alloy renowned for its exceptional damping properties, the cartridge body significantly reduces unwanted resonances, ensuring pristine sonic clarity and a transparent soundstage.


Designed for the Discerning Listener:

Uncompromising Connection: Innovative connector pins eliminate traditional connection points between pin and coil, minimizing inductance for a pure and uncolored signal path that faithfully transmits the delicate nuances of your music.


A Symphony of Excellence: While the Reference MC performs beautifully with a wide range of components, it achieves its full potential when paired with the Nagra Reference turntable/tonearm system and Nagra phono stages, delivering a truly unrivaled analog listening experience.


Unleash the True Potential of Your Vinyl Collection:

The Nagra Reference MC Cartridge invites you to rediscover the magic of vinyl, elevating the art of analog playback to new heights with its unwavering commitment to sonic purity, innovative engineering, and meticulous design.

Nagra Reference MC Cartridge

R478 900,00Price
  • Impedance:
    4 or 6 Ohms

  • Compliance:
    12 μm/mN

  • Output Voltage:
    0.45 mV (6 Ohm) / 0.3mV (4 Ohm) @ 5 cm/S

  • Channel Balance:
    < 0.5 dB

  • Crosstalk:
    > 30 dB

  • Weight:
    14.3 g

  • Stylus:

  • Cantilever:
    Titanium / Ruby

  • Transducer:
    Multi-Layer Core

  • Coil Material:
    Pure Silver

  • Tracking Force:
    2 – 2.2 g

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