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Introducing the Nagra TUBE DAC:

Unveiling Sonic Perfection

Rediscover the magic of digital music with breathtaking realism through the Nagra TUBE DAC, a portal to sonic perfection that transcends the limitations of conventional D/A converters.


Unveiling the Nuances You Never Knew Existed:

Masterful Reconstruction: Experience digital music like never before with meticulous reproduction of DSD 256 and 384 kHz PCM signals, revealing subtle details and nuances encoded within your music files.


Unwavering Commitment to Fidelity: Building upon the legacy of the acclaimed Nagra HD DAC, the TUBE DAC features an entirely new digital interface and converter section meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and unparalleled sonic accuracy.


Evolution in Every Genre: Whether you're a devotee of high-resolution DSD recordings or a collector of classic Redbook CDs, the Nagra TUBE DAC elevates the listening experience across all audio formats, rediscovering the depth and richness of your entire digital library.


Purity in Every Conversion:

Pristine Signal Path: Prioritizing absolute signal integrity, the TUBE DAC meticulously converts digital signals into their purest analog counterparts, ensuring a transparent and uncolored soundstage faithful to the original recording.


Unveiling the Full Potential: Experience the pinnacle of digital audio with DSD 4x processing, achieving a resolution 256 times greater than standard CDs and revealing intricate details and dynamic range captured within your high-resolution music files.


The Warmth of Analog, the Power of Digital:

Analog Revelation: The meticulously designed analog section eliminates traditional filters, preserving crucial transients and harmonics for an exceptionally natural and musical presentation, capturing the essence of the original performance.


High-Performance Components: From ultra-high-performance drivers to hand-wound transformers, the TUBE DAC boasts premium components throughout, culminating in captivating warmth and detail associated with tube-driven output stages.


Unparalleled Power Delivery:

Independent Purity: Featuring 25 independent, ultra-low-noise internal power supplies, each circuit receives its dedicated power source, ensuring immaculate power delivery and minimizing noise contamination.


Unlock the Full Potential: For ultimate performance, pair the TUBE DAC with the Nagra CLASSIC PSU, providing isolated power to both digital and analog sections, elevating sonic purity and clarity. The previous generation Nagra MPS power supply remains compatible for existing users.


Connecting Your Digital Music World:

Versatile Integration: Seamlessly integrating into diverse systems, the TUBE DAC boasts a range of connection options, including a next-generation USB audio input supporting DSD 256 from your PC or Mac, allowing you to rediscover your music library with stunning detail and realism.


R618 400,00Price
  • Internal Processing:
    11.2 MHz, 72 Bits

  • Compatible Digital Formats:
    PCM 24 bits up to 384 kHz, DXD, DSD 256

  • Bandwidth:
    5Hz to 40 kHz (+0 – 3dB)

  • Noise Level:
    -128 dBr (linear)

  • Interchannel Phase:
    <0.5° at 20 kHz

  • Distortion:
    < 0.02% (at -20dBFS)

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