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SME Model 12 MK2 Turntable: An Audiophile Masterpiece


Experience the epitome of analog purity with the SME Model 12 MK2 turntable, a captivating blend of British engineering and audiophile dedication. Crafted by SME, a legendary name in high-fidelity audio for over 75 years, the Model 12 MK2 sets a new standard for turntable design, delivering faithful and nuanced reproduction of your cherished vinyl collection.


The all new highly advanced drive system provides much improved speed control, accuracy and stability. This best-selling and very capable precision turntable has evolved to deliver the perfect listening experience.


Crafted from the finest materials with all parts precision made in-house at SME to the strictest tolerances contributing to an outstanding musical performance.

The stylish and exciting Model 12 turntable comes complete with the highly acclaimed SME 309 tonearm and internal Crystal Cable wiring as standard.


Tonearm Options:


  • SME Series 309 Tonearm: Precision meets performance with the factory-installed SME Series 309 tonearm. Featuring a machined magnesium arm tube with constrained layer damping, this tonearm offers exceptional rigidity and minimal resonance. Detachable magnesium headshell allows for easy cartridge interchangeability.

  • SME Series M2 Tonearm: For exceptional sound at a budget-friendly price, the M2 Series tonearm is available in 9, 10, and 12-inch versions. Crafted with a lightweight stainless-steel arm tube, detachable magnesium headshell, and tungsten balance weight, it's well-suited for a wide range of cartridges.


Upgrade Options:

  • Higher-End SME Tonearms: Upgrade to flagship tonearms like the Series V and Series VA for unparalleled sonic performance. These reference-grade tonearms boast exceptional rigidity, low mass, and advanced engineering, allowing you to unlock the full potential of high-end cartridges for the ultimate vinyl playback experience.


The SME Model 12 MK2 offers uncompromising performance and unrivaled engineering. Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or new to the world of vinyl, the Model 12 MK2 promises to elevate your listening experience with its exceptional clarity, fidelity, and precision.


The Diamond Anniversary Model 12 is a celebration and demonstration of precision engineering, traditional craftsmanship and audio excellence at its best.

The Diamond Anniversary is a significant milestone in the long history of SME with many great achievements made and still being made from inception in 1946 to becoming a premier and unique high end audio company today. In celebration of our illustrious past and exciting future this exclusive Diamond Anniversary turntable is developed from the award winning Synergy.


The Diamond Series Model 12 is machine finished to demonstrate the definitive precision, sharp lines and creative cosmetic profile. The hand finished fine detail is an expression of the handcrafted skills that SME is famous for. The black chrome contrast highlights and compliments this distinctive audio engineering masterpiece. The Model 12 turntable shares the unique styling of Synergy and comes complete with the highly acclaimed SME 309 tonearm and Crystal Cable wiring as standard.

    SME Model 12 Turntable MK2

    PriceFrom R325 400,00
    • Natural, Open and Dynamic Sound
    • High Mass and Small Footprint
    • Close Tolerance Precision Bearing
    • Isolated Suspension
    • Precision Magnesium Tonearm
    • Highly Advanced New Drive System
    • Independent Mains Transformer
    • LEMO Low Power Cables
    • RCA Chassis Connectors
    • Crystal Cable Internal Wiring
    • Based on the award-winning Synergy
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