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Groovin': A Restored Masterpiece Takes Flight in Mono

Mobile Fidelity's meticulous remastering breathes new life into The Young Rascals' Groovin', presenting the album in its original, fully restored mono glory.

Unveiling the Beauty of Mono:

  • Experience Groovin' as it was originally intended, with remastered mono audio that delivers exceptional focus, immersion, and accuracy.
  • Rediscover the hidden details, airiness, and tonalities that make these classic songs shine.

A Treasure Trove of Hits:

  • This reissue includes not only the iconic title track but also gems like "A Girl Like You," "How Can I Be Sure," and the million-selling "A Beautiful Morning."
  • Immerse yourself in the infectious energy and sweet melodies that defined The Young Rascals' sound.

Beyond the Hits:

  • Mobile Fidelity's Groovin' goes beyond the chart-toppers.
  • This reissue allows you to appreciate the full depth and diversity of the album, from soulful ballads to garage rock anthems.

A Time Capsule of 1967:

  • Groovin' perfectly captures the spirit and sound of the late 1960s, with its upbeat soul, persuasive garage rock, and energetic fuzz-toned elements.
  • This remastered edition is a must-have for any fan of classic rock or anyone who wants to experience a piece of music history.

The Young Rascals - Groovin' (180g 45RPM Mono 2LP)

R1 450,00Price

A Girl Like You (Felix Cavaliere) - 2:51

Find Somebody (Eddie Brigati) - 3:48

I'm So Happy Now (Gene Cornish) - 2:50

Sueño (Cavaliere/Brigati) - 2:48

How Can I Be Sure (Brigati, Cavaliere, Cornish, Dino Danelli) - 3:04

Groovin' (Cavaliere) - 2:33

If You Knew (Brigati, Cavaliere, Cornish, Danelli) - 3:04

I Don't Love You Anymore (Cornish) - 3:09

You Better Run (Cavaliere) - 2:28

A Place in the Sun (Ronald Miller, Brian Wells) - 4:52
Bonus Track:

A Beautiful Morning (Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati) - 2:37

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