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Vandersteen SUB NINE: Dual Subwoofers for Powerful Bass Performance


The Vandersteen SUB NINE is a high-performance subwoofer designed to complement the Model Seven series speakers or any high-quality speaker system. It can be used in a stereo configuration for exceptional bass reproduction.


Key Features:

Dual Downward-Firing Subwoofers

  • Powerful Bass: Two 13-inch drivers deliver deep, powerful bass without localization.


Patented Woofer Design

  • Accurate Bass Reproduction: Cellulose-fiber/foam cone construction offers a unique blend of rigidity and damping.


400-Watt Amplifier

  • Dynamic Response: Provides ample power for clean and dynamic bass performance.


Room-Specific Adjustments:

11-Band Equalization

  • Tailored Response: Allows for fine-tuning the bass response to your specific listening room.


Adjustable Q

  • Precise Adjustments: Controls the bandwidth of the equalization for precise bass tuning.


Contour and Level Controls

  • Flexible Placement: Enables optimal integration within your listening space.


High-Level Inputs

  • Seamless Connection: Connects directly to the speaker outputs of your amplifier.


Ideal for Home Theater and Critical Listening

The SUB NINE's combination of power, control, and room-correction capabilities makes it a versatile subwoofer solution for both home theater and critical listening applications. It enhances the bass impact of movies and music while ensuring accurate and musical low-frequency reproduction.

Vandersteen SUB NINE subwoofer

R844 100,00Price
  • Frequency Response:
    -3dB @ 20Hz to 100Hz
  • Amplifier Power:
    400 watts
  • Input Terminals:
    (2) 5-Way binding posts for high-level input from power amplifier
  • Dimensions (WHD) per subwoofer:
    17” x 20” x 21”
  • Weight:
    108 lbs. net and 136 lbs. gross (each)
  • Country of Manufacture:
    Made in the USA
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