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Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer: Uncompromising Bass Performance for Home Theater


The Vandersteen V2W subwoofer is a high-performance line-level subwoofer designed to complement home theater systems with processors that have dedicated subwoofer outputs. It delivers exceptional bass reproduction for both music and movies.


Key Features:

Three Active 8-Inch Drivers

  • Deep Bass Extension: Offers the cone area of a 14-inch woofer for extended bass.
  • Improved Pitch Definition: High motor-to-cone-area ratio ensures stable response and detailed pitch.
  • Seamless Integration: Works well with a wide range of speakers and processors.


Downward-Firing Slot-Loaded Design

  • Cleaner Sound: Minimizes potential midrange interference.
  • Superior Bass Detail: Enhances bass impact and dynamics.


300-Watt Amplifier with Feed-Forward Error Correction (FFEC)

  • Powerful Performance: Delivers clean and powerful bass without distortion.
  • Superior Sound Quality: FFEC technology eliminates errors before they occur.


MDF Cabinet Construction

  • Improved Bass Performance: Reduces cabinet resonances for clearer sound.


Line-Level Inputs

  • Designed for Home Theater: Optimized for systems with dedicated subwoofer outputs.


Ideal for Home Theater Enthusiasts

The Vandersteen V2W subwoofer is perfect for home theater enthusiasts who demand exceptional bass performance. Its powerful drivers, advanced error correction, and meticulous design ensure accurate and impactful bass reproduction, creating an immersive and realistic home theater experience.

Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer

R82 500,00Price
  • Subwoofers:
    Three 8-inch drivers with critically-damped long-fiber cones and butyl rubber surrounds.
  • Subwoofer Amplifier:
    300 watts with no current limiting.
  • Frequency Response:
    -3dB at 20Hz and 80Hz.
  • Crossover:
    First order, 80Hz (Requires external high-pass filter).
  • Input Terminals:
    Line-level RCA.
  • Dimensions (WHD):
    18” x 18.5” x 17”.
  • Weight:
    80 lbs. net.
  • Country of Manufacture:
    Made in the USA.
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